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MicroNet Inc, designs, implements, manages and secures IT systems. Additionally, we provide routine maintenance and troubleshooting for PCs and network File Servers and network storage devices. 

We have extensive experience with organizations in various disciplines such as Medical, Dental, Accounting, Professional Services, Non-Profit and Legal.

MicroNet Computers, Inc. uses the practical knowledge and experience gained through various network implementations to provide cost effective solutions that are reliable and easy to manage.

File Storage Management - Server and other data storage solutions that are fault tolerant, secure and flexible.

E-Mail & Internet Systems - Reliable business email & Internet solutions that keep your office communicating with ease and flexibility, whether on-site or off-site. 

Virtual Private Network Design (VPN) - Remote Access Services Solutions providing access to office resources when off-site.

Remote Application Access - Installation and Implementation of Terminal Services for application management and execution.

Infrastructure - Firewalls, Network Switches, Cabling and other networking devices. 

Migration & Upgrades - OS upgrades, Email Server upgrades and database migrations.

Networks are increasingly at risk from internal and external attacks. Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Hacks, improperly configured software and hardware and weak user policies are some of the vulnerabilities that may exist on a network. MicroNet's use of technical and practical experience allows us to tailor solutions that are secure and cost effective for your network.

Anti - Virus Solutions - Protect your network from Virus attacks.  MicroNet will analyze your network for security holes that know viruses can exploit to infiltrate and disrupt your systems.  We will then implement both a software and hardware solution to plug the holes in your system.

Security Assessments - Provide your company with an objective evaluation of the current level of security. 

Security Breech - Investigate and resolve security breeches. Restore integrity of system/data.

Firewall Design & Implementation - We will evaluate, design & implement a security firewall solution for your home or office.  Hardware level firewalls can provide the highest level of protection for your office and data systems.